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Processing time

Based on the total number of recently approved applications, updated weekly from IRCC

Updated: 2023-11-21 16:00:59 PST

ApplicationSourceProcessing time
Visitor visa (from outside Canada)Vietnam76 days
Visitor visa (from inside Canada)All countries13 days for online applications
36 days for paper applications
Visitor extension (Visitor record)All countries99 days for online applications
155 days for paper applications
Super visa (parents and grandparents)Vietnam93 days
Study permit outside CanadaAll countries11 weeks
Study permit (from inside Canada)All countries4 weeks
Study permit extensionAll countries136 days for online applications
62 days for paper applications
Work permit (from outside Canada)Vietnam21 weeks
Work permit from inside Canada (initial and extension)All countries135 days for online applications
17 days for paper applications
Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP)All countries14 days
International Experience Canada: Last seasonAll countries54 weeks
International Experience Canada: Current seasonAll countries4 weeks
Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)All countries5 minutes
Atlantic Immigration PilotAll countries37 months
Atlantic Immigration ProgramAll countries6 months
Canadian experience classOnline5 months
Provincial nomineesOnline8 months
Provincial nomineesAll countries15 months
Self-employed persons (federal)All countries53 months
Quebec business classAll countries60 months
Skilled workers (federal)Online5 months
Skilled trades (federal)OnlineN/A
Skilled workers (Quebec)All countries13 months
Start-up visaAll countries37 months
Spouse or common-law partner living inside CanadaAll countries10 months
Spouse, common-law or conjugal partner living outside CanadaAll countries13 months
Dependent childVietnamN/A
Parents or grandparentsAll countries22 months
Adopted child or other relativeVietnamN/A
Government-assisted refugeesVietnamN/A
Privately sponsored refugeesVietnamN/A
Protected persons and convention refugees (in Canada)All countries24 months
Dependents of protected personsAll countries48 months
Humanitarian and compassionate casesAll countries20 months
Citizenship grantAll countries17 months
Citizenship certificate (proof of citizenship)All countries9 months
Resumption of citizenshipAll countriesN/A
Renunciation of citizenshipAll countries15 months
Search of citizenship recordsAll countries14 months
Citizenship for adopted personsAll countries14 months (Part 1)
Permanent Resident cardsRenewing or replacing a PR card78 days
Permanent Resident cardsNew PR card68 days
Verification of StatusAll countries28 weeks
Replacement of valid temporary resident documentsAll countries9 weeks
Amendments of immigration documentsAll countries28 weeks
Amendment of valid temporary resident documentAll countries12 weeks

Updated: 2023-11-06 11:59:08 PST

Application typeAverage processing time
Global Talent Stream9 business days
Agricultural stream11 business days
Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program8 business days
Permanent resident stream57 business days
In-home caregivers20 business days
High-wage stream44 business days
Low-wage stream49 business days

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