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For years, Canada has maintained its position as a country with a flexible economy that is built on sustainable development and strong friendship, and strategic relationships with major world economies. The country’s mondial relationships have catalyzed for innovations in different fields that address global issues such as climate change, gender, equality and income disparities. With Canada being the second largest country in the world by landmass, and having one of the highest rates of immigration populations trekking to the country annually, the Canadian government is constantly expanding its immigration policies to receive and transfer experiences and skills to meet the increasing demand for labor in all fields. Since Canada is also rich and diverse in natural resources, this continuous demand for labor is promoting the transition and sustainable economic development.

With more than 100 large and small settlement programs all over the country and annual federal pilot programs, Canada offers people of all walks of life the opportunity to study, work and settle. The country offers all its inhabitants from international citizens, international students; skilled and unskilled laborers in existing and new fields a variety of attractive programs to have them settle in the country. These programs include investment immigration programs for the whole family with a variety of investment firms such as start-up capital contribution, agricultural investment, and buying or establishing a business. Canada offers a plethora of fields to study and many programs that make the country a great place to study, work and settle.

Canada offers a myriad of immigration programs that can be difficult to understand and worrisome for immigrants. Our immigration consultants at RED Immigration Consulting will assist you with the immigration process, find the right immigration program for you and accompany you on the path to conquering your intentions in Canada. The consultants at RED Immigration Consulting are experts in Canadian Immigration Laws and Regulations as well as general and pilot immigration programs. Our consultants are also authorized to practice by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC). We operate under Canadian Immigration Law to protect the interests of immigrants and represent global clients working with the Provincial Immigration Departments and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. At RED Immigration Consulting prestige and quality are our top priority and offer fast and efficient services. We provide comprehensive analysis and solutions for your application, we build a personalized pathway for you to fulfill your immigration goal, to assist you in making prompt, effective, and economic decisions.

RED Immigration Consulting Inc.

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Practice areas

We offer expert consultation and representation through every legal step with IRCC, Federal and Provincial departments.

Temporary permits

Temporary permits

Personalize your pathways in education and employment toward immigration. Prepare your study permit application with expert guidance on schools and programs aligned with employment opportunities. Obtain a foreign worker recruitment (LMIA) license. Make requests for Parent Super Visas, visitor visas, and residency extensions.
Permanent residency

Permanent residency

Unlock the doors to Canadian immigration with our tailored advice on skilled immigration and Express Entry. Professional assistance for family sponsorships. Plan, arrange visits, and connect with local businesses to immigrate under provincial investment or start-up visa programs.
Immigration Appeals

Immigration Appeals

Requests for Record Suspension, Detention Alternatives, Refugee Status, and Temporary Resident Permits. Appeals against Deportation, Family Sponsorship Refusals, and Permanent Residency Revocation. Let our regulated immigration consultants represent you in these legal proceedings.

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Proudly appointed by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC), to safeguard the rights of clients under Canadian law


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Transform immigration experience with our fully digitalized process, making visa, family sponsorship, or residency applications a breeze


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Embrace the opportunity for a personalized consultation, either in person or virtually. We diligently prepare, focusing on your unique concerns and questions.

Tailored Immigration Solutions

Our expert advice is based on your specific circumstances. We will not only provide you with viable immigration solutions but also assess potential opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

Secure Your Representation

Engage our immigration consultancy services by submitting your retainer and documents. We meticulously prepare your application and serve as your trusted representative throughout the process.

Thorough Review

Together, we'll review your completed application. Only after your final approval and payment will we submit the application, ensuring every detail is accurate and in your best interest.

Decision Communication

We promptly inform you of decisions, clarifying and interpreting their implications. If necessary, we provide alternative solutions or discuss potential appeal options.

Case Completion

We take care of all the necessary documentation, return all your documents, and professionally close the case. Entrust us with your immigration journey, and experience peace of mind.


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